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Love for Life and Animals – Grandmother Nevenka Bijelic Has Been Raising Roe Deer for 20 Years


The village of Corle in the municipality of Prnjavor hides an unusual and warm story. Grandmother Nevenka Bijelic has been raising roe deer on her property for 20 years, and as she says, she would no longer be able to imagine her life without these benign animals.

Immediate in conversation, wise in experience and spoken, Grandma Nevenka immediately delighted us when she called out her deer in a warm voice, which had formed beside her in a moment.

– They are really something special to me. I used to love them a lot before, but now not to speak – says Grandma Nevenka Bijelic.

Nevenka, in the only way known to her, became involved with her pets, so she understands how they breathe and how they behave.

In her heart, she adds, she has love for other animals. So everyone is free to walk in the yard, from small animals to livestock, while deer are released into the wild during mating season.

– I often let her be free and calm, be as fit as you want and then come back to me. She was the first to come into the house, she knew how to get on the bed and lay down at my front door, cross over to prevent me from leaving home – adds Bijelic.

Apples and cucumbers are major treats of Nevenka’s roe deer and she says that it is never difficult for her to afford roe deer from her work and from her garden, and often she buys them.

This woman’s love, a mouthful of years of weakened but wide hands and a warm look of welcome means a great deal to anyone who steps on her doorstep.


Source: RTRS


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