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Lower interest rates for loans to young couples


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic told Srna today that the Government of Srpska has modified the criteria for lending to the Investment and Development Bank of Srpska, allowing young married couples, families with children with disabilities and the economy borrowing to address housing and invest in new technology on very favorable terms.

Viskovic pointed out that a new line of credit was introduced for young married couples under 30 years of age, for whom the interest rate on home purchase loans would be below three percent.

– It is a prenatal measure in order to help young people to solve their housing problem as soon as possible and to keep them in this area – Viskovic emphasized.

According to him, a new line of credit has also been introduced for parents or guardians caring for children with disabilities to address housing issues, with an interest rate of between three and three and a half percent.

– These are all things we do to improve the lives of our citizens and to help them – says Viskovic.

He explained that the economy has cut interest rates on loans that finance the introduction of new technologies needed by the real sector to be more competitive and export-ready.

– We have reduced the interest rate of the RBI from one to 0.5 percent and when calculating the costs in relation to a commercial bank, business entities will have an interest rate on loans below three percent – said Viskovic.




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