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Maja Gojkovic reelected Serbian National Assembly president


Serb Progressive Party (SNS) official Maja Gojkovic was late on Monday reelected as president of the Serbian National Assembly.

In favor were 159 deputies of the SNS, the Socialist Party of Serbia, the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia, the Social Democratic Party of Serbia, New Serbia, United Serbia, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians-Party for Democratic Action coalition and the Movement of Socialists-People’s Peasant Party-United Peasant Party coalition.

A total of 233 deputies took part in the vote, with 73 voting against and one abstaining, Tanjug reported.

The new deputy speakers are Veroljub Arsic (SNS), Vladimir Marinkovic (the Social Democratic Party of Serbia), Konstantin Arsenovic (the United Pensioners’ Party), Vjerica Radeta (the Serbian Radical Party), Djordje Milicevic (the Socialist Party of Serbia) and Gordana Comic (the Democratic Party).

The seventh deputy Assembly president, from the Enough is Enough movement, was not elected as previously agreed by heads of parliamentary groups, and this issue will be discussed in the coming days, according to reports.

The Serbian National Assembly on Monday morning resumed its inaugural session, that started on Friday.

Late on Friday, Dragoljub Micunovic (DS), who temporarily presides over the Assembly as the oldest MPs, interrupted the sitting because of debates that were mostly outside the agenda, Beta agency reported.

He said his decision came in order to stop the degradation of parliament and because he believed there was no need to elect the assembly president at midnight, “as the country is not in a state of war.”

MPs from the ruling majority protested, saying that Micunovic had abused his honorary position. Maja Obradovic (SNS) said that “a handful of deputies (MPs)” prevented the election of Assembly officials, and that her party would on Monday return “even stronger and readier.”

The only candidate for the top Assembly post was Maja Gojkovic (SNS).

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