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Make Srpska More Attractive for Foreign Investors


The Republic of Srpska’s Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship will draft law on business zones this year, drawing on good practices from countries in the region, and in an effort to make Srpska attractive to foreign investors, said Minister of Economy Vjekoslav Petričević.

He said on Thursday he will attend a presentation of one of the best business zones in Europe – the Pirot zone, to which all heads of local governments from the Republic of Srpska will be invited.

“We want to get the best legal solution for local communities in need of such zones,” Petričević told reporters in Stanari after meeting with representatives of the municipal leadership.

Petričević said that the meeting discussed local economic potentials for foreign investors, given that Stanari has a business zone formed on a turnkey basis.

He pointed out that some of the projects negotiated with the diaspora from Austria and Germany are on the way to realization.

Petričević pointed out that business zones with favorable conditions are a good way to invest in the area of ​​Srpska, adding that foreign investors have the same conditions as domestic ones.

“By starting a business, they exercise the right to incentives for the employment of workers from the Bureau, and they also receive incentives from the local community. They can also enter into a program of incentives implemented at the ministry level in the process of procurement of new technologies and capacity expansion,” said Petričević.

He reminded that in the past year, 1,400,000 KM have been paid for such projects, while this year this amount will be double.

The Mayor of Stanari Municipality, Dusan Panić, announced that from the spring the Business Zone “Dragalovci” with three halls will be in operation, on an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, whose construction is estimated at around 2.750.000 KM.

Panić said that the Iskra company in Ljubljana expressed interest in the area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, and will discuss concrete details next week.

He thanked the Srpska institutions for their assistance and support so far.

Today’s meeting was also attended by a deputy from Stanari in the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Goran Jerinic.



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