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Manipulation with Bosniak students


Member of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Information of the Republika Srpska National Assembly, Krsto Jandric, has stated that deliberate absence of a certain number of Bosniak students in schools in Kotorsko, Vrbanjci and Konjevic Polje is a classic example of politisation and manipulation.

“The same story has been repeated for years, which is unacceptable. The Republika Srpska Constitution clearly states that a language of the Bosniak people exists, and, therefore, there is nothing disputable in the textbooks,” Jandric told SRNA.

He says that obligatory application of cantonal curriculum and syllabus is not cited in the Srpska laws.

Jandric has pointed out that children should attend classes in accordance with existing curriculum and syllabus.

Approximately 160 Bosniak students did not attend classes in schools in Vrbanjci, Konjevic Polje and Kotorsko yesterday.

Their parents say that the request for introducing a group of national subjects has not been answered.

Source: Srna


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