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Marčeta: Serbs must sell property in order to survive


Serbs in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ sell their property in order to survive, and the most difficult is for those who live in Livno, Kupres, Mostar and Bugojno, where they are a minority, the president of the Initiative Board of the Umbrella Association of Serbs in the FBiH Mile Marčeta said Srna.

Marčeta has asked the institutions of Republika Srpska and Serbia to help Serbs who live in the municipalities in the FBiH, where they are a minority, because they would not be able to survive without help.

He has pointed out that Serbs in Drvar, Glamoč, Bosanski Grahov and Bosanski Pterovac, returnee municipalities in the FBiH, are exceedingly grateful to the Republika Srpska and Serbia for the assistance that they provide, but he believes that it should be continued.

“Some Fund should be established, because there are Serbs in the FBiH belonging to the municipalities of Livno, Kupres, Mostar and almost no one takes care of these Serbs”, Marčeta said.

He has emphasized that the Serbs from Livno Canton and Kupres were neglected, and that this town majority was Serb before the defensive-homeland war.

“In Livanjsko Polje, in the Serb’s villages Gubin, Sajković, Provo, Čaprazlija, Serbs have no roads, no water, no shops. They go to Livno, which is about 40 kilometers away, when they need a doctor”, explained Marčeta.

According to him, life in these villages is very difficult for the few Serb returnees and these people need help in order to survive on their hearths.

“The most tragic thing is that Serbs who rest in the FBiH have to sell their property in order to survive”, Marčeta pointed out.

He has stated that after the war, Drvar was divided between the cantons, that 10 villages belonged to the Bihać municipality and that no one takes care of those Serbs. “These are villages towards Martin Brod and Knin”, Marčeta said.

He has mentioned that the Serbian Orthodox Church in Livno celebrates 800 years of existence next year, and has not received any pfennig, which is alarming, while the cantonal authorities have repeatedly assisted the monasteries and Catholic churches.

“It says that those who has control in the Canton of Livno respect only their own and hold to their own, and all others belittle” Marčeta considers.


Source: srna


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