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Marking of 28th Anniversary of Death of 12 Babies Begins With Memorial Service and Laying of Roses


 The marking of the 28th anniversary of the death oF babies due to lack of oxygen at the Clinical Centre Banjaluka has begun with the laying of 12 roses at the memorial to 12 babies at the New Cemetery Banjaluka and a memorial service.
The roses were laid by the mothers of the deceased babies and the representatives of the Republika Srpska Organisation of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians, which is the organiser of this commemoration.

Željka Tubić, secretary of the 12 Babies Association and a mother, whose son was born on May 19, 1992 and died a few days later due to lack of oxygen, says that many years has passed, which makes her doubt that this crime will ever be punished.

“What to think about the great powers for not allowing the oxygen for an innocent child. Imagine what these non-humans are able to do to adults,” Tubić told the press in Banjaluka.

She adds that mothers have not had consolation for 28 years and that 28 years of great powers’ injustice are behind them and it is getting harder every year, as they are watching the generation of their dead babies, who are now adults, and wonder how their child would be like today.

Laying of flowers at the “Life” Memorial in Banjaluka is scheduled for 11:00 AM.

The UN Security Council’s decision banned international flights in May and June 1992, including those with oxygen bottles from Belgrade to Banjaluka, which killed 12 newborn babies who were in incubators.

Following this tragic event, the Republika Srpska Army broke through the corridor in Posavina and cleared the road towards the border with Serbia, which had been blocked by Muslim and Croat forces until then.

The date of marking this event is May 22, because the first out of 12 babies died on that day in 1992, due to lack of oxygen, while the others died by June 19 of the same year.


Source: SRNA


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