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Marko Kačarević: The ignorance of Orthodox faith, history and tradition will cost us a lot


Their music touches hearts and the soul, sing along with the blessing of the patriarch of Serbian Irinej, work on the renewal of ghosts and national consciousness. Acapela composition  “Srbski pravoslavni pojci” singing spiritual, national and ethno music contributes to the preservation of the culture and identity of the Serbian people, and preserve the forgotten Serbian traditional music.

Marko Kačarević, the leader of the Srbski pravoslavni pojci, in an interview for portal Frontal talks about their begginings, tradition, faith and ignorance of our serbian history.

FRONTAL: Acapela composition “Srbski pravoslavni pojci” was founded in 2011 by students of the Orthodox Faculty of theology. How was the idea born to create the choir and did you expect your engagement to cause great public interest and get extremely good reviews?

KAČAREVIĆ: The reinforced composition of Serbian Orthodox poems was founded on November 26, 2011. The desire of the four friends and colleagues from the faculty, the gift for the song we own, we wanted to primarily beautify the church services. The idea grew, and beside the spiritual, we started singing national music, as the idea grew, so the number of members increased. When I met a girl in a very nice singing monastery (Milica), I started thinking about joining a female voice … Soon after that, Milica joined us from which we began to learn ethno songs, and thus we put ethno songs into our repertoire. In the same year, two more girls came to me, one of whom is my right hand in the team today (Maria). So in the first two years of the formation, we had five male voices and three women. We started out of love and I rejoice that this love spread to all listeners … We did nothing to attract attention and become some “stars”, but to do what we like and make us happy . Of course, today we are grateful that we are an example to young people and that we are interested in many for traditional music.

FRONTAL: You perform by the blessing of the patriarch?

KAČAREVIĆ: Singing and celebrating God in the church on Kosutnjak on October 31, 2013 with the patriarch and the enthusiasm of the priesthood there, His Holiness the Patriarch, Serbian Lord Irinej gives a blessing in our further work.

It is a great thing to have the spiritual support of the patriarch because everything we do is done in the glory of God.

FRONTAL: How many members do you have and if you can present the current composition?

KAČAREVIĆ: The number of members is constantly changing, but always the composition has about ten permanent members. Milica, Marija, Nevena, Nina, Marko, Vid, Nemanja, Sreten, Radovan, Branko.

Rezultat slika za srbski pravoslavni pojci

FRONTAL: What is it that you would specifically set aside for the seven years of existence? What are you particularly proud of?

KAČAREVIĆ: Two days ago, we marked seven years of our duration, a concert of our youth. We held four big Belgrade concerts, visited the whole of Serbia and Europe, introduced good people, got new friends, and something that we are currently most proud of is our younger brother. In the past six months we have been working on the formation of a younger group of high school students (20) in Barajevo. Two days ago we had their first concert, and thus showed not only that we know that we are singing but also that we transfer knowledge.

FRONTAL: The fact is that audiences are interested in spiritual music. Respect and knowledge of tradition and its values ​​is what is necessary, and you have just dedicated yourself to the preservation and expansion of Serbian tradition. How important is the return to tradition and faith?

KAČAREVIĆ: The time in which we live and work is the time of kitsch, as well as big weddings. The true values ​​are forgotten and disdained, some of us are blamed for such a situation, because everyone wants the splendor and luxury. Through addressing this call or how we perceive it as a great mission in our time, we are trying to make everything we do have a level and spirit that is adorned by the Serbian people. People recognize this and that is why we have a great number of followers and traders of traditional music … The people are hungry both for spiritual and traditional music and we look forward to being one of those who work to restore spiritual and national consciousness in the right way.

FRONTAL: Is ignorance of our own tradition and roots one of the greatest defects of our people?

KAČAREVIĆ: I do not know if it’s hard to ask or answer this question ?! Certainly it is a fault, but I will try to give a response through a short quotation, and your readers will recognize how much they know about tradition, religion, and how much they miss it … “Without seeing Studenica, a Serb can not have a clue about the past of his generation.” Many did not see the Studenica monastery, tasted its water, water from the source of life … I consider it a serious disadvantage to our people, as well as that neglect of the holy and examples of our ancestors.

Humans get alienated, they are desirable to others because unfortunately they did not meet their own. I think that this ignorance of Orthodox faith, history and tradition will cost us a lot …



Source: frontal

Author: Danka Savić



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