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Married couple Stanišić – proud parents of double twins


Just one family from Bijeljina proves that the material situation is not a barrier for posterity. Slađana and Dragan Stanišić are proud parents of double twins. Although the age difference between them is small and the characters completely different – in this family there is harmony and love.

Jelena, Konstantin, Magdalena and Uroš – they are the offspring of the Stanisić couple. They had no children for seven years, and then they were given twins by extracorporeal fertilization. They did not think about further family expansion, however, after a little over two years a miracle happened – they learned that the stork would land in their home again and that they would get another boy and a girl.

– We were just in shock, but in positive shock. It was a shock to us at first, but over time we realized that there would be no problems and there were really no problems – said the toddler father Dragan Stanišić.

Slađana added that the organization was the most important.

– We knew the hour when to feed them, bath them, when to go out for walks, we had to plan everything so that we could get something done, – said Slađana.

The laughter and scolding of the foursome on the holidays give a special charm to the Stanišić home.

– For Christmas, when you sit at a table and the house is full, so is your heart when you see them running and playing. That is the most beautiful thing – said Father Dragan.

With his twin elderly, Dragan also used maternity leave for eight months. They are both are completely dedicated to the nurturing and upbringing of children, so from the very beginning they did not divide housework into male and female.

– I make lunch, do laundry, iron, if necessary, my wife also helps. Fix something when I’m gone. We are simply in such a situation that you cannot choose, but we have to do our best to bring them up properly and afford them everything they need – Dragan added.

Although living on one paycheck, nothing is missing, because the house exudes love and their soul is full.

– The dice stack themselves. It matters at the beginning, and later everything fits. Probably all is planned. We cannot overstate anything,  there is something for everyone and everyone is happy and satisfied – said the mother Slađana.

Father Dragan adds that the difference between feeding and raising one and four children.

– It’s not very big financially speaking. Responsibility and obligation are greater than when one is a child. I’m afraid some people are running away from obligation and responsibility – says Dragan.

They teach their children basic life values ​​- togetherness and loving family. They say: Our thoughts determine our lives and the Stanišići think positively and enjoy the magic. Four smiles ” spice ” them every day.




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