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Masked assailants attack Serbs near Knin, Croatia


It all took place in a cafe where local Serbs gathered to watched a Red Star Belgrade football game.

A child was also injured in an attack on Serbs in the Diocese of Knin, Croatia. It all took place in the Buffet Petko coffee house, that was stormed by 15 masked persons.

Among the patrons at the establishment at the time of the incident were women and children.

A total of five people have been hospitalized, including the owners. According to unofficial information, the owner of the coffee house was hit with a bottle in the head and his wife suffered a cut to the leg.

Among the hospitalized persons is a 9-year-old child.

Croatian police are intensively searching for the attackers, but there are indications that they are not from Knin or the surrounding area.

Later, the police announced that several persons had been brought in for questioning in connection with the event.

Also unofficially, one of the attackers carried a machete.

Although it has not yet been confirmed that the events are linked, an incident has also taken place in Djevrske. Several people also entered a local cafe and began provoking guests who were watching the match.

This incident was mainly a provocation based on ethnicity, but it did not get more serious.


Source: telegraf.rs


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