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Maternity as bonus point for early pension


More than 1,000 mothers, more precisely  1,155 from the Republic of Srpska, used in the past year the possibility to retire one year earlier for each born child.

“Since the beginning of the implementation of the Labor Law, that is, from January 20 last year, and ending on August 22 this year, 1,155 pensions were made according to the condition of women – mother, out of which, during the last year, 762 were entitled to retirement , and by the stated date of this year, 393 mothers, “said TihomirJoksimovic, a spokesman for the RS Pension and Disability Insurance Fund.

Nenad Stevandic, vice president of the National Assembly of RS and one of the proposers of this regulation, says he is overwhelmed and proud that over a thousand mothers have exercised this right.

“A woman who gives birth  two or three children is not physically able to work as a woman who has not had children so it is necessary to evaluate and respect maternity. We need to stimulate and adopt similar laws in the future.  If we are in the rebalance regarding the population policy, every measure is wellcome, so we need to take similar measures and even more motivate the birth and work in that direction “, said Stevandic.

The Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia clarifies that the aforementioned legal provision, which is a novelty in the legal system of the Republic, which reduces the limit in terms of years of total retirement as conditions for exercising the rights for a woman – mother, is functioning.

source: Nezavisne novine


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