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Matija Tučić from Trebinje gives amazing performance of Konstantin Simonov’s “Wait for me” (VIDEO)


The young violinist from Trebinje, Matija Tučić (17) and the Orchestra of the Gymnasium “Jovan Dučić” from Trebinje, last week raised a big dust by performing the song “Wait Me”.

After the Matija’s performance of the song “Wait for me” appeared on You Tube, in the opinion of many people this is one of the most beautiful ever written love songs by Russian writer and poet Konstantin Simonov, caused numerous reactions to social networks and currently has nearly 15 000 reviews. Matija, accompanied by the gymnasium orchestra and Professor Pero Bokić on the piano, gave this poem a new outfit and interpreted it in a completely new way.

“I chose this song because it is literary text, so I somehow thought it best to send to the competition of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska. I’m a student of the “Jovan Dučić” Gymnasium and I am a member of the Orchestra, so they helped me with my participation,” Matija told.

An interesting song spot was recorded at the Museum of Herzegovina and the locality of Crkvina above Trebinje, while Trebinje Gymnasium Orchestra is represented by Ana Kovač, Marija Damjanac, Helena Kapor, Marija Mišeljić, Isidora Kojović and Ana Milanović. Matija goes to Music School and Gymnasium. He participated in numerous competitions, republican and international, and won numerous awards. Besides the violin, he also plays piano and guitar.

Asked about his favourite award, Matija replied: “A difficult question. Perhaps in Banja Luka at the republican competition, where I participate almost every year in various disciplines and always win the first prize. And in Banja Luka we are somehow more domestic and even because of that, ” Matija told.

He plans to continue his education in a bigger city, but he also wants to return to his native Trebinje in future:

“My plans are to continue education in another, bigger city. I still do not know exactly where. And if you ask me for a future, I want to return to Trebinje, to live and work here, of course, if the life road does not take me in some other direction,” Matija concluded this conversation and said that he would continue with these things, and that many quality treatments are waiting for us.







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