Home Politics McGuffie: The publication published on SNSDs website is deeply disturbing

McGuffie: The publication published on SNSDs website is deeply disturbing


Commenting on the publication published on the website of SNSD and which attacks certain NGOs and journalists, the spokesman for the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative Andy McGuffie said:

“The open and inclusive dialogue between NGOs, the media and intellectuals is a basic principle of European integration. This dialogue should be advanced in B&H through innovative ways; the recent protests in B&H have highlighted the need for institutional and political forces to carefully listen to the citizens.

The recent publication on the website of the SNSD is deeply disturbing and falls way below the standard of productive social dialogue. The kind of rhetoric of division employed in this publication can only undermine mutual trust and further polarize the political atmosphere.

Political parties, especially those governing the country, should help provide a framework and introduce reliable practices for communication and cooperation between the non-governmental sector, media and the political establishment.

We urge all political parties and authorities to engage in productive partnership with NGOs, the media and intellectuals, and to abandon the tactics which promote fear and distrust.

Only on this basis will we see authentic partnership on all issues of mutual concern and importance for the citizens.”


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