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Measures extended to April 27; Stable situations


The state emergency headquarters has extended until April 27 the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus, said the Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska.

Višković pointed out that the situation regarding the coronary virus was stable and that Srpska had introduced measures recommended by experts on time.

– According to the present analyzes, the epidemiological situation in Srpska is stable, the infection does not grow exponentially, and we can be satisfied with that – said Višković, who is also the commander of the Republican Emergency Management Staff.

He said that around May 10, the Headquarters can be expected to make more flexible decisions, unless there is a worsening of the epidemiological situation.

He said that two new conclusions were reached at today’s HQ session. One relates to the emergency supply of 10,000 liters of seventy percent alcohol, which is required for disinfection by a team from the Russian Federation

– We have also modified the conclusion on the treatment of persons quarantined in local self-government units. If one of the quarantined persons is found to have a positive finding, all persons who have been quarantined will be tested – he said.

Višković thanked the citizens for respecting the adopted measures aimed at protecting the health of all.




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