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Memorial plaque to killed Serbs on Crni vrh destroyed for the third time


On Crni vrh near Zvornik, unknown persons broke the memorial plaque that was placed at the place of suffering and memory of 11 members of the Republika Srpska Army, Police and civilians who were killed by Muslims from Srebrenica in an ambush on September 10 in 1992.

The killed members of the Army, Police and civilians were in a convoy of vehicles that were ambushed by Muslim forces on the road to Crni vrh and opened fire from the forest on an innocent column that had no military markings or weapons.

The broken memorial plaque on Crni vrh was noticed today by members of the Osmaci Police Station while passing this section of the main road Zvornik-Tuzla.

The President of the City Organization of the Families of Killed and Captured Soldiers and Missing Civilians of Zvornik Milivoje Marković told SRNA that the desecration of the memorial plaque was an unprecedented act of vandalism manifested by hatred towards the Serb people and condemned this crime which, as he stated, could only be done by a troubled mind filled with pathological hatred towards everything Serbian.

Reminding that this is the fourth desecration of this memorial plaque, including the fence, table and benches, Marković expressed his suspicion that this is the wrongdoing of Muslims who come from abroad during the New Year holidays, who prepare for it and destroy the memorial plaque with suitable tools.

Marković reminded that the Muslims demolished the memorial on Glođansko Brdo three times in memory of the 126 Serb soldiers who were killed by Naser’s Srebrenica hordes on November 6, 1992.

Emphasizing that this demolition went out of the line, Marković pointed out that domiciled Bosniaks from these areas would not do such a thing, because there is an internal agreement not to demolish, but mutually protect the monuments of all nations in this area.

“If such a memorial was made in the Federation of BiH, no stone would be left unturned, and they come to the heart of Republika Srpska, where they committed crimes against civilians, and tear down the memorial plaques to the Serb victims,” said Marković.

He announced that he would ask the authorities to install video cameras, in order to protect the desecration of this memorial plaque, and emphasized that there were too many crimes after crimes, that this is the proof of.

The mayor of Zvornik Bojan Ivanović strongly condemned the desecration of the memorial plaque on Crni vrh and added that the City Administration will finance the installation of a new one and support the installation of video surveillance.

This is the third time that the memorial plaque placed in memory of the 11 murdered people on Crni vrh has been demolished, while in the meantime the fence around it has been destroyed, and the tables and benches have been taken away, which is the fourth desecration of this monument in a row.

The memorial plaque was first placed at the place of suffering on September 10, 2010, and was desecrated six days after its placement.

In the same year, the table and benches placed near the memorial plaque were taken away, and the iron pillars and chains around the memorial were cut.

In 2013, a larger and thicker granite memorial plaque was erected again, but it was broken by unknown persons in the same year, so that in 2014 a new one – the third memorial plaque – was erected and consecrated at the place of the death of the members of Republika Srpska Army, the police and civilian, which was destroyed just these days.


Source: srna.rs


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