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Memorial Services for 1,600 Serbs Killed by Ustasha Held in Gubin and Čaprazlije


Memorial services were held in Serb villages of the Livno field, Gubin and Čaprazlije, marking the 79th anniversary of the suffering of 1,600 Serb civilians in Livno – men, women and children, who were brutally killed and thrown into Herzegovinian pits by Ustashas during the Second World War.

The parish priest of Livno, Predrag Crepulja, told SRNA that the priest Risto Ćatić and twelve residents of Sajković, who had been taken out of the pit, were buried in the yard of the Gubin church.

Crepulja pointed out that the priest Ćatić and twelve residents of the village of Sajkovoć ended their lives in the Suhača pit, and were among the first Serbs to die from the hand of their Croat neighbors in 1941.

He pointed out that a memorial service was held Friday in the village of Čaprazlije, where a mass grave containing 28 Serb skeletons was located.

The parish priest of Livno previously told SRNA that the Ustashas killed 1,600 Serbs in 1941 between the Holy martyr Marina /Ognjena Marija/ and St. Elijah Day /Ilindan/.

In the summer of 1941, women and children were thrown alive into the pits of Dinara, Staretina, Tušnica, Kamešnica, while men were killed near the village of Prolog; children of the village of Čelebić were killed in a village school, on the meadow Trnovac, in the area of Kupres…

More than 1,600 civilian victims, from newborns to the elderly and infirm, disappeared in those days prior to the Virgin Mary of Fire.

Entire Serb families have disappeared forever, while there have been no Serbs since that day in some villages.

Fifty years after this crime, the descendants buried the relics of the victims taken out of most of the pits in the Memorial Chapel in Livno with dignity.


Source: SRNA


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