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Memory of victims is important for the survival of the Serbian people


The president of the Serbian National Society Prebilovci, Milenko Jahura, said that the remembrance of victims is very important for the survival of Serbs who should treat the genocide committed against the Serbian people the same way the Jews treat Holocaust.

“This issue should be resolved in a systemic way and respect for victims of genocide should be requested. At the same time, BiH and Croatia should be requested to renovate desecrated killing grounds and to put them under protection,” Jahura told SRNA.

Jahura said that every day, and not only on 6th of August, it should be repeated that genocide was committed against Serbs in the Herzegovina and the whole territory of the NDH in WWII, particularly because some have been trying for more than two decades to impose on Serbs, who suffered tremendously in the 20th century, a label of criminals and genocidal people.

On the occasion of a ceremony marking the anniversary of the massacre of 600 Serbian children, women and elderly in Prebilovci, in Surmanovac Pit near Medjugorje, he said that Prebilovci  martyrs and a memory of them are “a Serbian defence and preservation of the Serbian identity in that part of the Herzegovina.”

“The memory of victims is very important for the survival of the Serbian people and for their identity. Knowledge and historical experience are important so that we could know how to act in the future. We have been under pressure for 20 years, we have been condemned for that which we did not do, and we suffered destruction, extinction and genocide,” said Jahura and noted that before the 1941 massacre, the Serbs in the Herzegovina were the economic, cultural and spiritual elite which should have been uprooted. According to him, the Catholic Church played an important role in these events.

He  said that he is glad that Serbs from all sides, not only from the Herzegovina attended at Holy Liturgy in the Church of the Resurrection in Prebilovci and that they will pray together to send a universal message that one can forgive but must not forget.



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