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Merkel speaks against “changing borders in Balkans”


German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there will be “no change of borders in the Balkans.

“But apparently, that needs to be repeated every now and then,” Merkel told a news conference on Monday in Berlin after a meeting with the chairman of Bosnia-Herzegovina Council of Ministers, Denis Zvizdic.

Merkel said at a joint press conference that the prospect of the Western Balkan peoples joining the EU was still good, underlining the importance of cooperation between the states of the region. 

“Generally speaking, cooperation with the Western Balkans has improved. We encourage regional leaders to cooperate as closely as possible. We have also discussed the migrant crisis, and we’ll do everything to assist Bosnia-Herzegovina in handling it, grateful for the humane treatment the country has provided for the migrants,” she said. 

Zvizdic said that Bosnia’s top priority was to join the EU and NATO. 

“This path has no alternative, and all our agenda-related obligations have been met. We’ll be quick to answer the additional questions from the Questionnaire so that we can get the status of a candidate country as soon as possible,” he added. 

Zvizdic also said that Bosnia-Herzegovina is in favor of reconciliation in the region, but that it has to be based on “respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


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