Home Culture Mexican composer Alehandro Sanchez Navarro composed Tesla’s symphony (VIDEO)

Mexican composer Alehandro Sanchez Navarro composed Tesla’s symphony (VIDEO)


Mexican composer Alehandro Sanchez Navarro, inspired by the work of one of the greatest minds of today, composed Tesla’s symphony of eight parts.

“I am happy to compose music inspired and dedicated to Tesla, he is not only the greatest scientist, he is more than that – the visionary of the 21st century, and his legacy deserves a lot of attention and care. This symphony-visual experience with well-chosen messages would be an effective way to awaken people’s consciousness right now, when we need more than ever to learn how to save nature and civilization”, Sanchez Navarro told.

This eigth parts of symphony, he added, thanks to new technologies are made that the audience through them can learn the main facts about Tesla’s life and work.

“Our debt with two incredible men is incalculable; the first one gave us the fundaments for science, reason, and logic. The second gave us the system that lights the world among many other and transcendental inventions. His immense contributions to civilization are so magnanimous as reprehensible is the oblivion we have propitiated to his extraordinary and phenomenal genius. The first one is the Greek philosopher Aristoteles, and the second is the engineer Nikola Tesla”, told Navarro.

In October 2018, Navaro performed for the first time the Tesla’s Symphony with the Kerethar Philharmonic Orchestra.

Under a furious thunderlight storm, at 12 pm sharp, the 9th of July 1856 Nikola Tesla was born. The electricity genius that would show the world how to conquer and use the electricity from nature to benefit the entire humankind.




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