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Mihajlo Ceprkalo, candidate of the Swimming Federation of Republika Srpska: Target A norm for the Tokyo Olympics


The best athlete in Republika Srpska for 2016 Mihajlo Ceprkalo has been nominated for the third time for the selection of the top ten sportsmen of Republika Srpska.

The first time he was nominated, he ended up as the second to reach the throne next year and now hope could be well-listed again.

For the past two years, Ceprkalo was not among the suggestions as he did not swim due to a back injury, and for one time he seriously considered ending his career. Remembering a good year will be remembered.

First of all, this 2019 I will remember upon returning to the pool after my back injury. I was in great pain and didn’t know if I would ever be able to swim again. When the pain subsided and the doctors gave me permission to go back to the pool, I decided to go all-in or nothing. I started training in January and achieved the B norm for the Olympics next year in mid-April, so the return to swimming was pretty good, which I didn’t expect would happen right away – said Ceprkalo.

He has been training in Novi Sad since August because he wants to make a career move.

I work with the first team of the Serbian national team, where the best ones are gathered, led by selector Igor Beretic and we have made a goal, which is to choose the A standard for the upcoming Olympics by June. I have changed my training and there is some progress in these four months, but it is a short period for some step forward, although the “hellish” competition gives us the wind in the back and we “pull” each other to be as good as possible – said Ceprkalo.

At only 17, he was the best athlete of Srpska and the second youngest in the history of the event to celebrate his 65th birthday this year. The fact that again the proposal of the Swimming Federation for the traditional action of “Voice of Srpska” made him especially happy.

I am looking forward to re-nominating my PSRS because it means I had some notable results. I have twice been well placed in the very strong competition of other athletes of Republika Srpska and I hope to be at least again among the top ten because it is a great honor.

Now, three years after I was the best in Srpska, I realize how great this recognition is for an athlete, and I know that everyone else on the list also shares my opinion – Ceprkalo said.

Norms and records

The first swimmer from BiH to swim in the 100 meters freestyle in less than 50 seconds, and at a rally in Banja Luka, had a time of 49.99, which earned him the Olympic B norm.

With a time of 53.52, he was 30th out of 80 competitors in the Gwangju World Cup, which also earned him the Olympic B norm. Has the A standard for the European Championship in the 100 meters dolphin.

During this year, he broke seven BiH records in the absolute category, while in 2016 he participated in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Source: Glas Srpske


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