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Milan Projević is the best physician in the Republic of Srpska


We accept our patients as people in distress who seek help from us, as a physical, spiritual, mental and social being, and especially family medicine makes this insight into the condition of each of our patients possible, said Dr. Milan Projevic, employed in the family medicine clinic of the Health Center Trebinje, who received the recognition of citizens and patients as the best pharmacist in RS.

He thanked all the fellow citizens who voted for him as the best doctor and added that just he was doing the same as all his colleagues in the Trebinje Health Center, and that he was just one of them.

As part of the European Day of Patient’s rights and the “My Right” project, which promotes the rights of patients in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he has been granted this recognition.

“This was a huge surprise to me, since I did not know about this interview and for this poll, but I realize that it is a great honor and an even greater obligation – to do the best I can to do this job better” , said Projević briefly in Trebinje on the promotion of this recognition.

Trebinje Health Center Director Vaso Mijanović confirmed that Projevic is indeed a favorite physician in the Health Center, but, as he adds, other doctors of this healthcare institution also have sacrificed approach to patients.




Source: Nezavisne


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