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Military neutrality to be discussed in next National Assembly of Srpska


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that Srpska is not giving up on the position of military neutrality, and announced that the National Assembly of Republika Srpska will also make a statement on the issue.
“A resolution on military neutrality is going to be discussed in the next National Assembly and we will note everything we think about it – constitutional order maintenance, the position of Republika Srpska and military neutrality,” Dodik told SRNA. 

He has reiterated that the people will decide on possible accession to NATO in a referendum, and stressed that no decision has been made on this so far, and that every theory of this kind is merely a speculation. 

Dodik has explained that Nebojsa Radmanovic, at the time he was the BiH Presidency chairman, signed a decision referring to the request for initiating the procedure, but that the Membership Action Plan /MAP/ does not mean NATO membership. 

According to him, noone has made a decision to access NATO, but only the decision to enter the procedure, and reminded that the same happened in Montenegro, but the people decided on the membership. 

“The atmosphere of that time is very clear: Russia then negotiated with NATO to join the NATO. Russia is a member of NATO’s Partnership for Peace Programme, as well as BiH,” Dodik said. 

He has said that many things have changed in the world. 

“We see the manner in which NATO politically acts and influences. Our perception is that the NATO will, if it happens, abolish Republika Srpska and make BiH unitary. Fear of such a NATO exists among the people, and I, as their president, only pass their stance,” Dodik said. 

He has stressed that NATO wants to take the military barracks asking nobody in Banjaluka if they want the NATO troops at the Kozara military barracks, thus there is no need for Srpska to decide on anything because there are those in Sarajevo who will easily accept this. 

“Does the people want the NATO? I do not think so, so that is why my position is the way it is and I will not change it.” I am aware of what it means to say: “We cannot join the NATO because the people do not want it.” There are many countries that have accessed the NATO without asking the people,” Dodik has said. 

He has added that he has recently passed such views to military attaches from nine states with diplomatic representative offices in BiH, as well as that there would be no registration of military property under BiH. 

“We know that /BiH Presidency member/ Mladen Ivanic comes to Banjaluka and talks about neutrality. We have never heard him talking about it in Sarajevo. He goes to Sarajevo or Brussels and then talks about the need for accelerating the path towards the MAP. It is the same with the BiH foreign minister /Igor Crnadak/,” Dodik has said. 

The president of Srpska has reminded of an agreement on the need to find consensus on military property, but also on the position of the former High Representative in BiH, Paddy Ashdown, that the parties must agree and impose a law banning the disposal of Republika Srpska’s property. 

“He knew that it was the property of Republika Srpska. How can anyone take it? Which court can take it? But, when there is a legal violence promoted by such a person as Ivanic, who says that the court has said it, but it is not enough what has been agreed earlier … then you get into this situation that the court decides to register the site in Han Pijesak as a property of BiH, which, otherwise, has no property under the Constitution,” Dodik said. 

He has concluded that there are many countries in which the property issue has not been solved, and are NATO members, but here, it has been insisted in order to make Republika Srpska senseless. 


Source: srna


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