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Milivoje Unkovic: Peace as a symbol of Serbian history


On behalf of the Serbian people who fought for freedom, my sculpture titled “Peace” will be a permanent message, symbolically integrating the peace and freedom we have obtained.

With these words painter and sculptor, Milivoje Unković, described his new dove sculpture, which is mounted on the Square of Republika Srpska. The ceremonious unveiling of the sculpture has been scheduled for the 21st of November, on the anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

– Doves, as has already been established, are recognizable symbols of peace and precisely this fact was the starting point for my idea. My design and the transformation of natural forms gives a brand new, original and strong artistic dimension of universal symbolic significance – explained Unković.

He pointed out that the sculpture “Peace”, devoid of all banalities of descriptiveness, is an art form created by a modern sculptural approach, with a dominant recognizable imprint.

– By using flat steel plates I minimize the corrections. Through precise tailoring and molding, the final form is defined. What is dominant in this art form is the interaction of steel, fire and powerful artistic vision, before which steel loses all its resistance and obediently sways to the desires of the artists – said Unković.

The pillar of shame

– Next year we will mark the First World War centenary. In recent times many individuals have attempted to perform a quasi-scientific revision of history and to, once again, put the Serbian people on the pillar of shame as the only culprits for the cause and consequences of the world war. We are once again forced to defend our libertarian and anti-fascist legacy, historical facts and our national dignity – said Milivoje Unković.


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