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Milk from B&H still not fit for the EU


Dairy producers from Bosnia and Herzegovina have not yet fulfilled all the necessary conditions for the exportation of milk and dairy products to the EU market, said the competent ministers in B&H.

Ministers from both entities presented the preliminary findings of the Office of the Inspector General for EU Food and Veterinary (FVO), according to which the authorities in B&H must fulfill “the remaining tasks and eliminate deficiencies of technical character.”

Official results are expected in the coming period. Boris Tucic, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations stated that he hopes the final goal will be reached within a few months and that B&H will then receive the green light to export to the EU.

The FVO inspectors first control mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina started on 21 January and was aimed at checking the degree of fulfillment of the conditions for the export of dairy products. Tucic stressed that no one in the region, during the the EU accession process, was given permission to export immediately after the first mission and recalled that Serbia received the green light only after the fourth mission.

Milk producers in both entities,were surprised by these findings. They claim that there were no serious objections and that this rating is proof that the EU doesn’t need their quality products. They added that further reforms call for higher investments in the dairy industry.


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