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Milorad Dodik confirmed his candidacy for the BiH presidency member from Republic of Srpska


SNSD Leader Milorad Dodik, who has previously confirmed his candidacy for the BiH presidency member from Republika Srpska, said that the candidate for Srpska president in the forthcoming elections will be from this party, too.

“We are debating about who will be the candidate for the Srpska president. This is unquestionable, we will agree on that. We have prematurely started it. It has already been speculative enough to answer questions about it every day,” Dodik told in Banjaluka. 

He has pointed out that his candidacy is definitive, announcing he would gather broad support. 

“This victory is unquestionable and neither the Alliance for Change nor the Bosniak votes will make it fail. All the surveys and our intention to gather a dozen political parties within this candidacy and our patriotic bloc for Republika Srpska are absolutely clear and others have nothing to look for in that regard” said Dodik. 

He said that he is not interested in the counter-candidates, adding that everyone else speculates, while the SNSD plays openly. 

“I can, as a political opponent, look at their”My plan is to win. The victory is definitely a part of my plan, and all this will be confirmed by the authorities not only of the SNSD, but also of the coalition partners and others I am discussing with, that are not only political parties, but also the NGOs,” Dodik has said. 

He expects the difference in votes between him and any candidate in Srpska coming from another bloc or political party not to be below 120,000 votes. 

He points out that he has started to move towards the victory and is not of the opinion that this will be his last candidacy. 

Referring to today’s criticisms on his account by BiH defence minister Dragan Mektic, Dodik has said that Mektic is “a grand pest to Republika Srpska” and that noone has done more damage than him. 

“It does not matter whether he said it or not. It’s important that his fabrications about paramilitary units and Srebrenica are now quoted by officials across Europe,” added Dodik. 

He has pointed out that there was no genocide in Srebrenica, and that Mekic’s attempt to keep it constantly on the agenda is “a game for children”, which the public in Srpska is perfectly aware of.

“It would be a good thing if Mektic said at least one word about the skulls being put up on the Serbian Embassy in Sarajevo on the eve of the Statehood Day of Serbia, which is a message to all Serbs, but he has long been a man who does not work in the interest of Republika Srpska. We know that, while the media should publish everything he says to the end, without any reductions,” added Dodik. 




Source: srna


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