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Minister Sarovic: To increase the Trade Volume with Turkey to one billion EUR


At the meeting with the Minister of Economic Relations and Foreign Trade Mirko Sarovic that was held in Ankara, the Minister of Economy of Turkey Nihat Zeybekci said that they are planning a trilateral trade summit of Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to be held first in Sarajevo and then in Belgrade.

“We want to sign a trilateral Free Trade Agreement on the summit, which would be attended by the presidents of the three countries,” said Zeybekci.

He noted that trade relations between Turkey and BiH were intensified, and added that the total trade volume between the two countries amounted to 600 million USD by the end of the year of 2016.

“We gave that kind of privileges only to BiH. Those are strategic products such as textiles, clothing, medicines, flour and sunflower oil. By the order of the President of Turkey, we are successfully implementing the trilateral mechanism of BiH, Turkey, and Serbia. We are in the process of negotiations and we have reached the final discussion, which could finally open the Free Trade Agreement. We gave privileges to BiH and Serbia like no other country in the world, after which we will move to the trilateral Free Trade Agreement and other forms of trade cooperation and strengthening of relations. I would like to thank delegations for a successful work, which resulted in a new generation of the Free Trade Agreement,” stated Zeybekci.

Sarovic noted that the relations between the two countries reached the highest level during the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), and he expressed the hope that bilateral relations between the two countries will be further improved in the future period.

He also emphasized that the trade volume between the two countries should be increased to 1 billion EUR as soon as possible.


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