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Ministries must analyse transfer of competences to BiH level


The Republika Srpska Government adopted yesterday a conclusion requiring all ministries to analyse and identify competencies transferred to the BiH level in an unconstitutional manner or under inter-entity agreement, as well as the impacts by the competencies transferred in such manner and the work of institutions and bodies formed as a result of the transfer of competencies in order to make information thereof.

Assignments to the ministries were given after the Government had reviewed the Information on unconstitutional transformation of the Dayton structure of BiH and the impact on the position and rights of Republika Srpska, adopted by the Republika Srpska National Assembly at a special session on November 11.

The Government of Republika Srpska has voiced its readiness to enter into negotiations with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina immediately for the harmonization required for the adoption of the Law on Constitutional Court of BiH, but also for reviewing the given consent to the Law on Defence, the Law on Indirect Taxation and the Law on High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH, announced the Republika Srpska Government’s Public Relations Bureau.

Initiation of reform of the judicial institutions at the BiH level is of particular importance to Republika Srpska, the Government concluded.

The Republika Srpska Government considers it necessary to proceed immediately with the development of a law on rehabilitation of all persons from Republika Srpska who have been unlawfully removed from their positions under the decisions by the High Representatives, and to consider the possibility of amending the Criminal Code of Srpska in order to sanction activities in contrary to the views of the National Assembly, such as endangering the sovereignty and constitutional order of Republika Srpska.

The Government of Republika Srpska is of the opinion that the Law on the Procedure for Indirect Taxation and Allocation of Funds should be analysed.


Source: srna


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