Home Economy “Mlijekoprodukt”- the Largest Producer and Buyer of Milk

“Mlijekoprodukt”- the Largest Producer and Buyer of Milk


The company “Mlijekoprodukt” from Kozarska Dubica is the largest buyer and processor of milk in BiH. Representatives of the Banja Luka Regional Chamber of Commerce discussed the plans this year with the company management.

In the past year, “Mlijekoprodukt” has accomplished its planned tasks. They delivered 90 million liters of milk and dairy products to the market. Of this, 51 percent went to the BiH market and the rest to EU countries, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania.

Director of “Mlijekoprodukt” Rankica Marelj points out that the plans for this year are even more ambitious.

“Mlijekoprodukt” has more than three thousand subcontractors and a large number of families generate income from this company.

– The results they achieved last year were very good. They exceed the average achieved by companies in Srpska. They had revenue growth of over 15 percent. Last year, we employed over 50 workers – emphasized the President of OPK Banja Luka, Goran Račić.

The representatives of the Chamber of Commerce announced that they would propose measures to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Srpska and the Council of Ministers of BiH, in order to facilitate and encourage their business.



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