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Montenegro has expanded the list – it opened borders for the so-called Kosovo and B&H


The Government of Montenegro published on Twitter an expanded list of countries for whose citizens the country’s border is open to include the so-called Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NCT) announced on Thursday night that, at the suggestion of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro (IJZCG), it decided that from June 1, foreigners are allowed to enter Montenegro, without quarantine and self-isolation, if the rate of active cases of coronavirus is less than 25 per 100.000 inhabitants in the country of which the foreigner is a resident and in the country from which the foreigner enters Montenegro, it was announced on the official Twitter profile of the Government of Montenegro.

It is stated that there are 11.99 cases of infection per 100.000 inhabitants in Kosovo and Metohija.

It has been announced that the list will be updated on a weekly basis, and there are currently 26 countries on it, including the so-called Kosovo, which Montenegro recognizes.

Serbia is still not on that list.


Source: B92


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