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Montenegro opens border with Serbia on Monday


Serbian Ambassador to Montenegro Vladimir Bozovic expressed hope that normal movement between Serbia and Montenegro would be established as of Monday, June 22.

“We have information that on Friday, June 19, the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NCP) will recommend that the Montenegrin border be opened to all citizens coming from Serbia, and as of Monday, we will, I hope, establish normal movement between the two countries,” he said.

“Every Friday, the NCT meets and makes recommendations on the relaxation of measures for combating the spread of coronavirus. This Friday, we have information that it will finally relax the measures towards Serbia, i.e. that it will recommend opening the border for all citizens coming from Serbia to Montenegro. “They do not expect to go to quarantine as soon as they cross the border. This decision, as we expect, will be implemented on Monday, June 22”, Bozovic said.

He emphasizes that the Embassy of Serbia in Montenegro has been under great pressure since the declaration of the pandemic and the closing of the borders.

“We are waiting for them to open the border because our citizens want to come to Montenegro, not only for tourism, but also for work, and many who live in Serbia have families here that they have not seen for months. We are under great pressure because people call and are interested in the information on a daily basis, inquiring when they will be able to cross the border without being sent straight to the quarantine “, Bozovic explained.


Source: B92


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