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More and More Vineyards in Posavina


Farmers in Posavina mainly cultivate fruit and vegetables, dealing with the animal husbandry as well, which is traditional in this area. Although there is no household without vineyards, only a few are involved in the plantation of grapes aimed for wine production.

In Bukvik near Brčko, there is a modern vineyard.

‘’We are trying to revive the tradition of growing vineyards and making good wine in the region which has a long tradition in viticulture’’, said Dragan Pajić, farmer from Bukvik village.

Around 200 out of 100.000 grape varieties are grown in our country. Agrometeorological and pedological conditions have enabled the cultivation of “Sauvignon” and “Chardonnay” in Bukvik.

Viticulture and wine are an integral part of people’s lives in this area, but it is also a blessing, which nourishes and creates new jobs.

In this Posavina vineyard, the plan is to produce 50.000 bottles of wine from 40.0000 vines.




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