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More Than 1.3 Million KM Paid for Salary Increase


So far, 1,329,146 KM have been paid to business entities in the Republic of Srpska in the name of incentives for a salary increase for the second accounting period January-June.

In this ministry, they emphasize that the incentives were paid in accordance with the Law on Incentives in the Economy of the Republic of Srpska.

Business entities submitted applications through the “e-incentive” application on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship until August 31, and then it was checked whether they meet the conditions for exercising this right.

– Within the second accounting period, a total of 556 requests from economic entities for 20,500 workers arrived, which is more than in the first accounting period. At that time, a total of 501 requests arrived at the address of the Ministry, and out of this number, 450 of them fulfilled the foreseen conditions and 3.2 million KM were paid for about 13,000 workers – the Ministry states.

The processing of the remaining requests that meet all the necessary conditions is in the final phase and will soon be fully realized, after which all economic entities will be paid funds on that basis.

Due to a larger number of requests, as well as the number of workers and the amount needed to pay incentives to increase salaries, a larger amount is planned this year, and the budget of the Republic of Srpska envisages about five million KM for these purposes.

The Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship reminds that as a result of the application of the mentioned law, there was an increase in salaries by 20 percent compared to the amount from March 2019 for business entities that have exercised the right to incentives, as well as an increase in income from contributions employees.

Thanks to the application of the Law on Incentives in the Economy of Srpska, in April, for the first time, the average salary in Srpska was higher than in the Federation of BiH.

The average net salary in Srpska in April was 945 KM, in May 950 KM, and in June 958 KM, while in FBiH in these months the average net salary was paid 940 KM, 935 KM, or 953 KM.

According to published statistics, the average salary in Srpska was 965 KM in September, and 964 KM in October, and is still higher than the average salary in FBiH, which amounted to 961 KM in September.

Incentives were paid to economic entities in 39 municipalities of the Republic of Srpska and observed by areas of classification activity, the largest amount of incentives was paid to economic entities from the processing industry, ie 39 percent of the total paid incentives.




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