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More than 100 packages for fighters and the poor delivered in Srbac: Gifts brighten the holidays


More than a hundred families from the veteran and social categories welcomed the January holidays in a cheerful mood after being handed the food packages provided by the Srbac municipality.

Of these, 48 packages were delivered to the socially deprived citizens, with the assistance of the president of the councils of local communities, while 47 packages were distributed through the Fighting organization Srbac.

– In this way, we continued the tradition of treating fighters who are in the most difficult financial conditions around Christmas and Republic Day. I hope that the position of the fighters will be better this year, which we will advocate even more with the local and republic authorities – said the president of the Serbian Fighting Organization Goran Plotan.

Ten packages were also delivered through the Municipal Organization of Families of Trapped and Killed Veterans and Missing Civilians from Srbac.

Gordana Balaban, whose son Goran died in the Doboj battlefield in 1994, was one of those who were honored with this gift, and another tragedy arrived on February 14 last year when her son Dragan died at the age of 52.

– Thanks to everyone who remembered to visit me in this difficult ordeal. It means a lot to me when I can talk to someone like this about my problems, which means more than any gift – Gordana said.




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