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More than 4.000 Seedlings planted in the Celinac and Igman Areas


Organized by the Banking Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BABiH), around 160 volunteers from the banks members of the BABiH planted about four thousand seedlings in the Celinac area and on the slopes of Mountain Igman, as part of the Association’s joint action.

This is the first time that BABiH member banks volunteers participate in a reforestation action aimed at raising awareness of the need to protect the human environment in the wider social community and to promote volunteerism. The Association plans to plant a total of 9.700 seedlings by the end of next year, which corresponds to the current number of employees in the banking sector.

This action was implemented with the significant support of the Banja Luka Forestry and the Sarajevo Public Utility ‘’Sarajevo sume’’. Volunteers planted black pine, white pine and spruce.

‘’The role of forests in purifying the polluted atmosphere is more important than its role in wod production. Therefore, I am particularly proud of the bankers volunteers who responded to our call for afforestation,’’ said BABiH director, Berislav Kutle. ‘’This is only the first step. In the next year, the Assocciation plans to implement more similar actions that will benefit the social community in the long run.’’

High forests of one hectare, in the process of photosynthesis, release three tons of oxygen, and consume about four tons of carbon dioxide. In a year, one hectare of coniferous forest filters 30-35 tons of dust, and 50-76 tons of dust filter on one hectare of deciduous forest.

‘’We need to raise awareness of the importance of forests. On the one hand, we have to remind older people and on the other, attract younger generations to actively participate in nature conservation,’’ said Kutle, Klix.ba portal reports.planted 4.000 Seedlings in the Celinac and Igman Areas


Source: sarajevotimes


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