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More than 400 citizens registered to use BL bike


In past two weeks more than 400 citizens have registered to use “BL bike”, the first city bike rental system.

Department of transportation and roads is satisfied with the response of citizens, especially since the number of active users is much higher than expected.

“We are waiting for a period of a better and warmer time, and we expect the number of registered users to increase,” said Slavko Davidovic, head of the department of transportation, adding that the City Administration’s vision is that each settlement has its own bicycle rental terminal in the following period.

“Our goal is to promote the reduction of the use of cars in everyday transport in the future by introducing and expanding this system and encouraging citizens to live a healthy lifestyle,” Davidovic said.

The “BL bike” system started on March 30th, and citizens currently have 30 bicycles at four locations: Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića Street, Aquana Aqua Park, Mladen Stojanović Park and at Majke Jugovića Street, near the Student Center “Nikola Tesla”.

People interested in using this system can register via the Internet, mobile application and directly at the terminal or at the premises of the department of transportation and roads. The annual membership fee is 20 KM, and according to the price list of the first half hour, it is free of charge, and every next hour is charged 1.50 KM, while driving longer than five hours (maximum 24 hours) costs 20 KM.




Source: Nezavisne


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