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More Than 50 Students of the Faculty of Medicine Will Volunteer at the COVID Department of the UCC RS


More than 50 final-year students of the Medical Faculty in Banja Luka will volunteer at the COVID Department of the University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska.

With this humane gesture, the students showed solidarity with their future colleagues, medical workers who have been on the first line of defense since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Stefan Kremenović, one of the student volunteers, pointed out that a few days ago, the students showed the initiative to join and in some way make the job easier for all medical workers.

“Almost 60 of us from the final years of the Faculty of Medicine joined this initiative. We are already partially trained, so with this volunteering, we will only better learn our future vocation. Volunteering takes place at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Kovid Department, Department of Old Pulmonology, and To the emergency medicine center “, Kremenović emphasized.

Vlado Đajić, general director of the UCC RS, said that the health system in the Republic of Srpska has a future and that the residents should not worry.

“These young people positively surprised me, they called themselves in order to contribute to the health system, which is now in the most difficult position,” said Đajić.




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