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Most modern slaughterhouse in BiH opened in Vrsani near Bijeljina


The most modern slaughterhouse in both Republika Srpska and BiH, in which the “ZP Komerc /ZP Commerce/” meat industry invested BAM 12 million, opened today in Vrsani near Bijeljina.

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has congratulated the owner of the ZP Komerc, Ljubisa Rosic, on this success and emphasized that it is a serious family company that is one of the most important manufacturers in Srpska.

Rosic has announced that 50 new workers will be employed in this plant, adding that this represents the beginning of the work of ZP Komerc’s modern slaughterhouse and export to the European and Arab markets, for which all the necessary standards have been met.

Republika Srpska Minister of Trade and Tourism, Predrag Gluhakovic, has announced the support of all ministries in the Republika Srpska Government to this company, which, as he said, is the bearer of the development and pride of Srpska.

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic, attends the ceremony in Vrsani and says that the situation in this field of production in BiH is “on the right track” and that entering the world market is only possible with such companies.

The ceremony taking place outside the new facility in Vrsani is attended by mayors of Bijeljina, Mico Micic, and neighboring Brcko District, Sinisa Milis, as well as numerous business partners, company employees and citizens.




Source: srna


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