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Most of meat imported in BiH comes from EU


The BiH Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Mirko Sarovic  said that it is true that meat of poor quality is imported to BiH.

Regarding the import of meat from Argentina and the protection of domestic producers from excess import of meat of poor quality, Sarovic has said that 90% of the export is from the EU and only a small part from this South American country.

When it comes to the quality of meat that is imported to BiH, Sarovic has said that relevant institutions at all government levels in BiH only speak about it, but in practice are doing a little regarding this issue.

The countries of the Visegrad 4 in the past few years have become louder in their request to stop being “a Europe’s garbage bin,” saying that Czechs, Poles, Slovaks and Hungarians have the full right to get goods of the same name and quality as other EU citizens.

At the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, 21 products were tested in the Czech Republic, that is, their variants for the markets of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, which proved that only three products were of the same quality in Eastern Europe as those in western markets.


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