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Most Popular Serbian TV Series to Go on Amazon Prime


The most popular TV series in Serbia – Shadows Over the Balkans – is set to become the first Serbian-produced series available to viewers on the Amazon Prime platform following months of negotiations.

“This is certainly an important event, not just for those of us who worked on Shadows but for Serbian cinema and TV as a whole because this is the first time that a Serbian series will be available to a global auditorium. The negotiations took almost two years to complete and we managed to get Shadows Over the Balkans onto this important platform which is catching up to NETFLIX,” series director and author Dragan Bjelogrlic said.

Shadows Over the Balkans is a thriller set in the stormy period at the end of the 1920s when high politics, local interests, capital and crime were intertwined.

The second season of the series was aired on Nova S TV and all episodes are available on the EON platform.


Source: n1.rs


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