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Most prominent Serb intellectuals to discuss the Serb question: Fist topic, Kosovo


SANU Vice-President academician Zoran Popovic told a press conference yesterday that the Committee is made up of representatives of academic committees dealing with areas of strategic importance.

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) has established a programatic-organizing committee “The Serb question from the 19th until the 21st Century” with the aim of giving the Academy serious insights, based on scientific and artistic backgrounds, on a range of issues of vital interest to Serbia.

SANU Vice-President academician Zoran Popovic told that the Committee, made up of representatives of academic committees dealing with areas of strategic importance (Kosovo and Metohija, education, science, culture and art, energy), was established on June 21 when it was concluded that the most important of all was the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, and so a scientific conference devoted to the topic is planned for the end of the year.

In addition to Kosovo and Metohija, the Committee will address other, as Popovic explained, extremely important topics such as the position of the Serb people in neighboring countries, protection of cultural and artistic heritage and identification of its Serb identity, historical, constitutional, economic and religious aspects, geo-strategic orientation, language and demographic issues, human rights, security, international relations…

During the first meeting, the Committee’s work was discussed and various modalities were proposed – thematic symposiums, a series of lectures, meetings, talks, a scientific meeting, and all of them would be accompanied by appropriate written documents (press releases, collections).

It has been suggested that permanent campaings should be devised involving all interested SANU members in a creative way, while the Committee can appoint sub-committees for specific topics, which, in addition to SANU members, can include experts who are not members.

It has also been suggested to include various scientific and educational institutions, universities, institutes, representatives of different structures and distinguished individuals who will be selected by the members of the Committee, while paying due attention and responsibly.

Popovic said the next meeting would be held in seven days, when the members will focus more on a list of topics and the work program through the end of this year.

He recalled that SANU already addresses some of the mentioned topics through its programs, but that the aim of establishing the Committee is to keep these current topics constantly present and to attract more public attention through a different format.

“The goal is for SANU to be present, but not as some central committee that would give an opinion on any political action, but instead to have a presence in the burning issues that burden this society, to look at the problems,” Popovic added.

At the press conference, Popovic spoke about Academy’s activities planned until the end of the year.

Popovic said that on September 24, a large scientific meeting about energy would be held at SANU under the title “Energy as one of the greatest challenges of humanity in the 21st century.”

“Realizing the importance of this topic, SANU continues to study the various aspects of energy through the activities of the Environment Committee (which hosted the Energy and Environment Symposium in 2012) and the SANU Energy Committee (which in November 2018 organized the symposium ‘Energy and Climate Change’), and through research activities in SANU’s departments,” said a statement.

Popovic also announced the opening of the concert season in October, several important exhibitions, as well more scientific conferences and lectures by the end of the year.

The Chairman of the Committee is SANU President Academician Vladimir S. Kostic, Vice-President is Academician Ljubomir Maksimovic, who is also a Vice-President of SANU, while members include academicians Nebojsa Radunovic, Zoran Krivokapic, Kosta Cavoski, Aleksandar Kostic, Caslav Ocic, Mihailo Vojvodic, Ljubodrag Dimic, Milan Lojanica, Miro Vuksanovic, Vladimir Bumbasirevic, Zoran Radovic, Zoran Petrovic and Gojko Subotic, and corresponding members Mira Radojevic, Dragan Vojvodic, Slobodan Vukosavic, Vladica Cvetkovic, Ljubinko Radenkovic and Slavenko Terzic.


Source: telegraf.rs


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