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Mountain tourism in B&H popular throughout the globe


Over the past few years USAID has supported projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina that enhance the environment and the private sector with the aim to improve the local economy, said David Barth, Head of the USAID Mission to B&H.

According to him, the natural beauties and resources in B&H offer enormous economic opportunities to citizens, from the chance to start their own business to providing services.

Also, Barth emphasizes that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world deserve the opportunity to once again enjoy the treasures of the National Museum – treasure like the Sarajevo Haggadah, illuminated Sephardic manuscripts from the 14th century whose value is estimated at 700 million dollars, a library of 250.000 volumes, an extensive collection of folk costumes, a famous entomological collection and a unique collection of Neolithic pottery found in the internationally famous site in Butmir.

Together with the National Museum the USAID also invests in conservation of the Monastery in Fojnica and promoting the rich literary tradition through co-financing of Sarajevo volumes.

Barth stated that in order to highlight natural resources and opportunities for the development of tourism in B&H, USAID is organizing a serious of events, including the latest USAID Facebook photo competition.


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