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Mountaineers From Pale Conquered the Top of Ararat


Members of the Mountaineering Association “Javorina” from Pale returned from an expedition during which they conquered the highest peak in Turkey, on Mount Ararat, 5,137 meters high.

The top of Mount Ararat, which is located on the border of Turkey and Armenia, was conquered by Ognjen Čvoro, Miroslav Klačar, Marko Koroman and Igor Rašević.

They set off on August 29 on a flight from Sarajevo to Istanbul, and then from Istanbul to Dogubajazit. They were transported by vans to the foot of this mighty mountain, at an altitude of 2,200 meters, from where the adventure begins.

– On Monday, August 31, we set off together with a local guide on a 10-kilometer ascent, with 1,000 meters of cumulative ascent, which we overcame without any problems, and then settled in the first base camp for rest and overnight at an altitude of 3,250 meters – said the president of the Mountaineering Association “Javorina” and a member of the expedition Ognjen Čvoro.

The second day was the day of acclimatization – they spent an hour at the second base camp at 4,200 meters, and then returned to the first base camp and spent the night.

According to the plan and program, the Serb mountaineers were supposed to go out again at 4,200 meters and spend the night on the third day, but due to worsening weather conditions and the announcement of a storm that was supposed to be in the afternoon, they decided to go up that day, September 2.

Čvoro says that the guide allowed them to leave after a short persuasion, although it is not recommended to go from 3,250 to 5,137 meters above sea level.

– We did the ascent from the first base camp to the top of Ararat and the return to 4,200 meters in less than eight hours, which, according to the guide Burhan Cervan, is one of the records – notes Čvoro.

Serbi alpinists also received diplomas because they were one of the fastest groups on the mountain, especially at heights, since they overcame so much ascent in a short interval.

– A Bulgarian expedition was accommodated with us in the hotel. We started the climb together, but they came back 42 hours after us – says Čvoro.

An amazing experience with thunder

Even the sudden situation with the thunder did not prevent the members of the Mountaineering Association “Javorina” from continuing the ascent to the top of Ararat, considering the great love for the mountain.

– Due to inadequate equipment – we did not have woolen hats but ordinary synthetic ones, at an altitude of 4,800 meters we created a positive charge, and with the appearance of buzzing in our heads and thunder we lay on the rocks for 20 minutes. When the situation calmed down, we continued the ascent – Čvoro recalls.

He points out that the situation was dangerous.

– It was – lie down until it passes. It is very important not to panic in crisis situations – says Čvoro, and notes that it is only important to gather and look for a solution.

He points out that Ararat is not technically, but it is physically demanding because for a relatively short mileage you cross a huge altitude.

The mountaineering association “Javorina” from Pale is one of the most active such associations in BiH and currently has 97 members.




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