Home News Mountaineers From Serbia Delighted With Mountains of Srpska

Mountaineers From Serbia Delighted With Mountains of Srpska


A group of 45 mountaineers from Serbia visited Romanija, Jahorina and Trebević over the weekend and expressed great satisfaction with the beauty of these mountains.

One group of hikers headed to the famous Novak Cave, located on the steep cliffs of Romanija above Pale at an altitude of 1,515 meters.

President of Belgrade Mountaineering Association “Josif Pančić” Tadija Dimitrijević told Srna that they had organized a visit to these mountains together with friends from the Mountaineering Association “Trebević” from East Sarajevo, with whom they have been cooperating for many years.

“We organized the ascent to Novak’s Cave with the help of mountaineering equipment. Some of us are on the first ascent. The weather served us, we enjoyed the winter day, the view and the beauty of the forests at the foot of Romanija. The weekend fulfilled all our expectations,”  said Dimitrijević.

According to him, mountaineers who have already been to the Olympic beauty Jahorina say they are seeing great progress and better technical equipment, adding that this mountain is an increasingly better place for skiing.

Mountaineering Association “Josif Pančić” has existed since 1950 and gathers about 350 mountaineers who climb several mountains each year in the Republic of Srpska, BiH and beyond.




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