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“Mrs. Einstein,” the World Premiere in English, in Washington


“Mrs. Einstein,” is the first piece from Serbia to have its world premiere in English, at a professional American theater in Washington on March 5.

The writer of the piece is Snežana Gnjidić and it was designed by Milena Trobožič Garfield.

– Mrs. Einstein is a story of love, passion, betrayal and cooperation that has long been a mystery, especially in the Western world. The piece was conceived and written to tell the world about this unusual story – the authors explain.

It is based on a personal correspondence of Albert and Mileva Einstein, as well as a long correspondence between Mileva Einstein and her student friend Helena Savić, who after her studies in Zurich,  married and moved to Belgrade.

These letters were found by Milan Popović, the grandson of Helena Savić, in the attic of her family home in Belgrade.

– The piece is based on the initial premise of the story – Mileva Marić Einstein’s forgotten and covert contribution to the creation of one of the most significant scientific theories – the theory of relativity. The piece will serve to shed light on her contribution to the creation of this theory, which is almost completely unknown and unacknowledged in the American and world public – the authors point out.

It is planned that through the media, public hearings and meetings with the audience, a conversation will be started about Mileva Einstein’s contribution to the creation of one of the most important scientific theories and more generally about the neglected role of women in contributing to science.

According to Garfield and Gnjidić, drama is an ideal platform not only to illuminate the character and work of Mileva Einstein in America but also to tell the story of Albert Einstein, the world’s most famous scientific genius, as well as the likelihood that one woman contributed significantly to one of the most revolutionary scientific discoveries in history, without ever being recognized for it – it becomes an ideal platform for the story of today’s position of women in science, especially physics and mathematics.

“We also believe that this story may help to finally understand that the theory of relativity belongs not only to Einstein but to Einstein,” the authors added.

The piece is intended not only for our audience but above all for a wide American audience.

That is why Gnjidić and Trobožić Garfield – by whose design the piece was created and whose English translation will be performed in Washington, insisted that the piece be performed for the first time in English and on the soil of America, which houses the Einstein archive.

Thus, “Mrs. Einstein” will be the first piece from Serbia to have its world premiere in English translation in a professional American theater with an exclusively American division of highly respected American actors.

It is a new form of cultural collaboration between Serbian and American artists who co-authored this project.

The audition, which took place during December 2019, featured actors from New York, Boston and Philadelphia, giving the drama even more publicity and prominence.

The premiere of the piece, as well as the topic it deals with, is already being announced in America, through social media and with several events featuring select representatives of the American public, media and embassies, which will precede the premiere itself.




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