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Museum dedicated to BH Nobel Prize Winner visited by Thousands of Tourists


The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and one of the most famous writers from the former Yugoslavia, Ivo Andric, died before exactly four decades, on 13th March 1975.

However, his work is still of a great interest, which is confirmed by new editions and translations to many languages.

Ivo Andric was born in 1892, in Travnik, a small city in middle Bosnia, the town from one of his most famous books “Travnicka Hronika“. The birth house of Ivo Andric still exists and serves as a museum. This museum is visited by near 10.000 tourists in the tourist season.

On the anniversary of the writer’s death, the team of Anadolu Agency visited the Memorial museum Birth house of Ivo Andric, that represents the department of the Heritage Museum of Travnik. The house was demolished in the 1970s, and then was rebuilt. The furniture which is located in the house was collected in Travnik and its surrounding for purposes of the museum. Andric’s birth house s adorned by the typical furniture similar to that used in the Ottoman period.

Ivo Andric was in Travnik last time on 15th October 1972.

But after his birth, he has never entered the house, not even in 1974, when the house was rearranged and opened as a Memorial Museum. In that time, the writer lived in Belgrade and was very ill.


Source: sarajevotimes


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