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Natalija Trivić: Saint Sava’s Heritage – Priceless


Minister of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska Natalija Trivić wished students, management and other staff of the Republic of Srpska schools a happy school Patron Saint’s Day /Slava/, Saint Sava, saying that the heritage of the first Serbian teacher is priceless, which has been confirmed throughout centuries.

“His deeds are a clear signpost which we should follow as they shed the light on the path of knowledge, love, and justice. Even today, we are amazed by the purity of his enlightenment thought and deeds, but at the same time, they oblige us to aspire for the best,” says the minister in her greeting.

Trivić says she is glad that the Saint Sava Award has been established as a sign of gratitude of the ministry and society for the role of teachers in education and upbringing of children.

“It is our desire to reinforce the reputation of teachers and point to the enlightenment role of teachers who are doing their job with much love, patience and understanding. I urge you to act together in the spirit of Saint Sava. Nurture that which is good in you and don’t forget that we can do much more and much better together,” Trivić said.

The Saint Sava Day is marked in all schools in the Republic of Srpska as a school Patron St.’s Day /Slava/.

Saint Sava was the first Serbian Archbishop, saint and educator, and he is also considered the initiator of the Serbian Medieval literature, which is why he is the protector of schools.




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