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Natalija Trivić Wished a Successful Second Semester


The Republic of Srpska Minister of Education and Culture Natalija Trivić wished elementary and high school students, management, teaching and extracurricular staff a successful start to the second semester in the 2019/2020 school year. year.

– You have the opportunity to achieve even better results and achieve the desired success in the continuation of this school year. It is especially important for schools to cultivate teamwork and friendship and to support one another in overcoming challenges. I believe that in this way you will gain valuable experience and sincere friends on the way to the set goals – said Trivić.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is committed to the development of pre-primary, primary and secondary education in Srpska and has started a series of activities to innovate curricula, digitize textbooks, professional development of educational staff, and strengthen the link between education and the labor market, announced is from this ministry.

– Our goal is to change the knowledge from the concept of teaching to the concept of learning and acquiring knowledge that will be used by students in further education and work and facilitate their future path to employment. I wish you success in mastering new school and life lessons, for your students to acquire new knowledge and skills with ease and for teachers to continue a successful path of professional development – said Trivić.

Classes in the second semester for primary school students will be completed no later than June 19, and for final year students no later than June 5.

For high school students, classes in the second semester will be completed on June 10, for art school students on June 3, and for students of the final grades on May 13, respectively, for students of the final grades of art schools on May 20.

The spring break will run from April 13-17.




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