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National interest of Serbs must be protected


“The declaration will protect the identity of the Serb people on both sides of the Drina. Nearly every country in the world has such document, therefore I do not see any problem if Republika Srpska and Serba pass it,” Kuzmanovic told for SRNA.

He believes that the document will protect the interests of the Serbs.

“It is a logical paternalistic expression of the care of the presidents of Serbia and Republika Srpska, Aleksandar Vucic and Milorad Dodik, for the Serbs and their position. It is certain that the vital national interest of the Serb people must be protected,” said Kuzmanovic.

He has said that the declaration will not be directed against any nation or state.

Dodik has announced that Belgrade and Banjaluka will soon form expert teams that will contribute to writing a text of the declaration of Serbia and Srpska’s joint action for the Serbs’ survival.



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