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NATO investing in Balkan countries


NATO is beginning co-operation with regional governments on projects to restore and reinforce the transportation infrastructure in the Balkans, officials said.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the Alliance’s EUFOR contingent created a group of Romanian, Polish and Portuguese engineers to better assist the renewal of transportation infrastructure.

But transportation and other infrastructure renewal in BiH includes the additional task of clearing the hundreds of thousands of landmines left after the 1992-95 conflict.

“More than 200,000 square metres have been cleared in the inner city area that enabled land use for commercial purposes to provide for better living conditions and improve people movement,” Amra Babic, head of Visoko municipality, told SETimes.

EUFOR officials said transportation infrastructure often goes hand-in-hand with improving running water, plumbing and electrical energy infrastructure.

“I am convinced that with the will of the people of BiH and the political readiness for joint leadership and for compromise, BiH can advance toward the EU, and offer its citizens greater opportunities and better life together,” said Dieter Heidecker, EUFOR commander.

Source: Setimes.com


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