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NDH victims, their families sue Croatia for USD 3.5 billion


Croatia has received a group lawsuit for compensation over the damage suffered by Serbs, Roma, and Jews during WW2 in the Ustasha regime of the NDH.
The Independent State of Croatia (NDH) was a Nazi-allied entity that operated death camps for these ethnicities.

Zagreb-based Vecernji List daily writes that the legal proceedings were launched by several persons in May of last year before a court in Chicago, US, seeking a total of USD 3.5 billion in damages for the victims, and their heirs and families.

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the lawsuit had “arrived” via the US embassy.

The compensation claim concerns not only the material damage done to the victims when their property was taken away, but also the non-material damage suffered by them in the Ustasha camps.

The plaintiffs claim that Croatia is responsible for paying as NDH’s legal heir.

But the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affair stated that Croatia cannot be held responsible – “as it is not the heir of the NDH, but is based on the foundations of the (WW2) Anti-Fascist Council of Croatia, ZAVNOH,” the newspaper said.

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